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    Greens First

    It balances, supports and nourishes your whole body…plus, it gives you something unexpected GREAT TASTE!

    Greens First® contains all-natural, health building ingredients. It’s more than just a greens product and goes far beyond regular nutrition in maintaining your health and promoting anti-aging and overall wellness.* It’s fortified with a proprietary OxiSure Blend so each serving surpasses the raw food nutrition of more than 10+ servings of organic fruits and vegetables.

    Greens First® is the perfect source for alkalizing your body’s pH level for energy & vitality without stimulants. Greens First® is a complete phytonutrient and antioxidant supplement that works synergistically in your body providing 49 different super foods, extracts and concentrates including supergreens, organic fruits & vegetables, probiotics, soluble and insoluble fibers, herbs, spices, natural flavonoids and enzymes.

    Adding Greens First® to your diet may help to:

    • Increase Energy Levels without Stimulants
    • Boost the Immune System
    • Improve Digestion
    • Assist in Weight Management
    • Balance Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
    • Promote Mental & Cognitive Acuity
    • Alkalize and Balance Body pH
    • Promote Healthy Heart & Liver Function
    • Reduce Inflammation, Relieve Stiff & Achy Joints
    • Detoxify and Promote Overall Wellness*

    30 servings

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    Price: $54.00
    Functional Food for Individuals with Insulin/Glucose Dysregulation Featuring InSea²®—Next Generation Carbohydrate Control   
    Supports Healthy Glucose Metabolism/Regulation and Insulin Action/Sensitivity
    Helps Reduce Glycemic Impact of Meals
    Supports Healthy Body Composition
    Supports Healthy Blood Lipid Levels
    Provides Antioxidant Support
    Supports Maintenance of Healthy Peripheral Nerves
    OptiGlycemiX™ supports individuals with insulin/glucose dysregulation and related health issues. It features InSea²®, a clinically tested blend of purified polyphenols that uniquely slows carbohydrate digestion and assimilation; CinSulin®, a 10:1 concentrated water extract of cinnamon; and VegaPro™, a sweetener-free, low-allergy–potential source of vegetable protein. These principal ingredients are complemented by benfotiamine, inulin, alpha-lipoic acid, green tea leaf extract, Albion® trace minerals, 5-MTHF as Quatrefolic®, and other supportive nutrients. OptiGlycemiX offers a multimodal defense against factors that cause blood glucose to rise and drop too quickly, insulin sensitivity to decrease, glycation and oxidative stress to escalate, fat storage to increase, and blood lipids to become altered.

    Available in Chocolate Mint, Chai, and Vanilla Delight.
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    Vitality C Powder

    HIGH POTENCY VITALITY c Research shows that the higher our maintained blood levels of Vitamin C throughout our lifetime, the longer we live. For decades, physicians have recognized the role of Vitamin C in boosting the immune system. High doses of Vitamin C are not toxic to the body; excess C is simply eliminated through the kidneys and bowels. For many people, therapeutic doses of Vitamin C cause diarrhea and stomach upset. That’s why we created VITALITY C. VITALITY C is buffered, non-acidic, neutral pH powder. This unique formula allows chelation strength dosage without intestinal upset.

    This tasteless, high potency therapeutic Vitamin C powder offers a breakthrough for therapeutic doses without side effects

    VITALITY C can be mixed with juice or water.

    Amount Per Container: 30 servings per container

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    Price: $52.00
    Xymogen Fitfood Lite Vegan
    Supports Healthy Body Composition
    Supports Immune Health
    Supports Cardiovascular Health
    Supports Healthy Blood Insulin/Glucose Levels
    Supports Gastrointestinal Health
    Provides Foundation Macro-Nutrition

    FIT Food™ Lite Vegan is a delicious functional food powder that is free of soy, dairy, and gluten. The formula contains 40% less sugar than fitfood Rice and is not fructose sweetened. Its 17 grams of protien per service are derived from XYMOGEN's proprietary VegaPro™, a rice/pea protein blend with several additional amino acids that further enhance and maintain lean body mass. Among the ingredients in the heart-healthy proprietary fiber blend is a prebiotic for gastrointestinal support. 

    20.25 oz
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    Xymogen GI Protect
    **Currently Out of Stock - Contact the office for updates **

    GI Protect™ is a great-tasting combination of XYMOGEN®’s powdered IgG 2000 DF, a purified, highly concentrated (45%), very low saturated fat, dairy-free, consistent source of bovine serum-derived immunoglobulin antibodies, immunoprotein, beneficial growth factors, immune-regulating cytokines and L-Glutamine, an amino acid important for maintaining gastrointestinal and stimulated immune cell functioning. GI Protect™ enhances immunity by directly boosting immunoglobulin levels in the GI tract.

    Wild Cherry Flavor

    30 Servings Per Container

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    Xymogen i5 Functional Food
    Clinical Applications

    Supports Improved Body Composition
    Supports Immune Function
    Supports Anti-Inflammatory Response
    Supports Intestinal Health
    Supports Detoxification

    i5™ represents an innovative functional food approach to biotransformation. This clinically validated, all natural, fructose-free formula comprises ingredients that promote overall gastrointestinal health while optimizing the body’s ability to detoxify harmful substances and respond to inflammation. Patented and proprietary ingredients include 21 grams of VegaPro™, XYMOGEN’s all natural, vegetable-based protein, along with clinically relevant doses of XYMOGEN’s IgG 2000 DF™ and OncoPlex™ (SGS™ - sulforaphane glucosinolate). 

    22.18 oz
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    Xymogen OptiCleanse GHI
    Detoxification Powdered Beverage with Targeted Gastrointestinal, Liver and Anti-inflammatory Support       

    • 26 grams of Hypoallergenic rice protein concentrate enriched with L-lysine and L-threonine to enhance Biological Value
    •Contains "Dual Phase Optimizers"
    • LignaMax®: a proprietary flax fiber blend for estrogen and hormonal metabolism and provides a lignan-rich source of fiber
    • Preventium®: patented potassium D glucarate that has been shown to possess potent chemoprotective activity through the enhancement of Phase II glucuronidation and inhibition of the enzyme, beta glucuronidase
    • Aminogen®: a patented proteolytic enzyme preparation that facilitates amino acid absorption by up to 60%
    • Anti-inflammatory herbs and nutrients

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