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    Lauricidin® is the only monolaurin that has been clinically tested.

    Through advanced technology, this natural substance is now available in a pearlized 100% pure form rather than as monolaurin capsules. Capsule monolaurin products contain fillers, additives, or other non-active ingredients. Lauricidin® is NOT obtainable in health food stores or from other distributors.
    Lauricidin® from Med-Chem Labs, Inc. costs 400-800% less than capsulated monolaurin. The purity of Lauricidin® is higher than the industry standard especially when compared to monolaurin capsules.
    Most important and different from many drugs and other supplements, ingestion of Lauricidin® is free of any drug side effects.

    Much like vitamins Lauricidin® taken daily is necessary to achieve optimal health.
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    Vitality C Powder

    HIGH POTENCY VITALITY c Research shows that the higher our maintained blood levels of Vitamin C throughout our lifetime, the longer we live. For decades, physicians have recognized the role of Vitamin C in boosting the immune system. High doses of Vitamin C are not toxic to the body; excess C is simply eliminated through the kidneys and bowels. For many people, therapeutic doses of Vitamin C cause diarrhea and stomach upset. That’s why we created VITALITY C. VITALITY C is buffered, non-acidic, neutral pH powder. This unique formula allows chelation strength dosage without intestinal upset.

    This tasteless, high potency therapeutic Vitamin C powder offers a breakthrough for therapeutic doses without side effects

    VITALITY C can be mixed with juice or water.

    Amount Per Container: 30 servings per container

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