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Hormone Balance Support

    Nutri-West Total Female

    Supportive Function:
    Complete all-around female product to support normal endocrine balance of libido, vaginal and breast health, normal menstruation and menopause.

    Each Tablet Supplies: Vitamin A (fish liver oil) 1000 i.u., Vitamin B-1 1.5 mg, Vitamin B-2 1.8 mg, Vitamin B-6 3 mg, Vitamin B-12 100 mcg, Vitamin C 25 mg, Niacin 5 mg, Selenium (as chelate) 20 mcg, Zinc (as chelate) 5 mg, Magnesium (as malate) 20 mg, Potassium (as chelate) 10 mg, Boron (as chelate) 1 mg, Bioflavonoids 50 mg, Pregnenolone 5 mg, Pepsin 5 mg, Lipase (vegetable source) 5 mg, Amylase (vegetable source) 5 mg, Dong Quai (root) 52.5 mg, Black Cohosh (rootstock) 25 mg, Red Raspberry (leaf) 52.5 mg, Deglycerrized Licorice (root) 25 mg, Wild Yam (root) 35 mg, Red Clover (leaf) 36 mg, Chaste Tree (leaf) 50 mg, Chaste Tree (berries) 50 mg, Damiana (leaf) 30 mg, Motherwort (herb) 30 mg, Gotu Kola (leaf) 20 mg, Panax Ginseng (root) 30 mg, Avena Sativa (herb) 30 mg, Chlorella (plant) 20 mg, Flaxseed 20 mg, Burdock (root) 10 mg.
    Vegetarian: Yes
    Quantity: 90 Tablets
    Suggested Dosage: 1 tablet daily or as directed

    Do not take if pregnant

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